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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Co-op today ... a little more Russia a little India ...

Today I couldn't decide on just one nation to talk about for art history -- so we learned about Peter Carl Faberge' and his eggs ... and we learned about the Indian folk art of Rangoli ... our resident homeschool member from India told us how her family puts a Rangoli design at the front and back door only once a year for Diwali ... But other families put them out every DAY ... the kids did a simple coloring page because I knew that they would need longer for the second project. 

Then we learned a little about Peter Carl Faberge' who was a contemporary of the last Czars of Russia -- the kids had enjoyed that part of our history lesson on Imperial Russia so this was an easy reminder of what they had found interesting -- we looked at a few pictures of the Imperial eggs ... and I learned that our local art museum, the Va. Museum of Fine Arts has a rather large collection of Faberge' eggs ... I knew we had a big exhibit -- but I always thought it was just *other stuff he made* not actual eggs ... but ... in fact -- we have the largest US public collection of eggs -- there are 9 who belong to an individual in Russia -- 10 at the Kremlin in Moscow ... and 5 at the Va. Museum of Fine Arts!

Unfortunately -- even though we'll be going there in a few weeks for our annual field trip-- the eggs are currently wandering about the world as part of a travelling exhibit. I hope the kids will remember this lesson and visit the Va. eggs when they're back in town. 

For this project I had some foam egg shapes that I bought at an after Easter sale for super cheap -- so we decorated the eggs with ribbons, stickers and puff balls -- I HAD some sparkles that I wanted to bring -- but I had hidden them from the kids ... and effectively -- hid them from myself. Alas. I am not that sharp these days. 

Sleep deprivation. 


Just us said...

I'm always really happy when I manage to hide the glitter from myself. Sleep deprived or not. :)

Just us said...

I thought that would sign me in but it didn't use the right name. Oops!