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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time to catch back up ...

Happy Easter all -- we had a long Lent where it seems Patrick and I gave up *sleeping* but I think little T is back on board with normal sleep patterns. I pray she is anyway!

This weekend T came down with her first illness, it was just a slight cough on Thursday and Friday -- but it was keeping us up at night because the cough was worse when she laid down. This continued over the weekend and her night time troublesome cough became a morning cough that was making me very nervous -- I've had preemies before, I've dealt with dozens of kids' illnesses -- usually I don't take them to the Pediatrician unless I'm REALLY worried -- so yesterday I took her to the Pediatrician -- with having spent that week in the NICU I'm especially worried that something will move into her lungs and compromise her breathing. 

On the bright side, her cough had not moved into her lungs and the Pediatrician isn't worried that the cough is something serious -- she does, however, have her first ear infection. This explains, hopefully, why she wasn't sleeping well and has been in a generally bad mood for the last few days. She's usually such a low maintenance baby, and these past few days I haven't been able to set her down for more than a few minutes unless she was totally asleep. Poor little thing. 

Thank goodness we're on the path to wellness!

 And for your last Easter update -- here is a picture of the bigger girls -- this was as good a photo as I could get of all of them before an egg hunt at their grandparents' ... 

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