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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rescue Horse picture overload!

You've been warned! We've been out to the rescue stable 4 times now -- totally glamorous job, we pick up poo -- and then wheel it down a path to the giant poo pile -- and we brush horses -- HA! But it's fun for the girls and they love to help out with any animals. As we're not doing the SPCA this year - just because we needed to focus more on school work on the mornings -- the USERL became the place we could work in the afternoon, have the same kind of volunteering effort -- and take care of big E's horse loving needs. 

They have a number of horses in the area, apparently if I wanted to drive about as far in another direction there's a stable with 28 horses! But this one has 4 -- which is more than enough poo ... the 4 lovely lasses are horses who were rescued from some sort of sad or mistreated life, although I don't know their stories -- they're all SO sweet though I can't imagine anyone neglecting these horses. 

I thought it would take them a while to trust us, I was so nervous they'd be skittish around the kids -- but -- my loud and boisterous group (who are reminded regularly to stay quiet and not run, but that doesn't mean it's a perfect system) are followed around the pasture by 4 sweet horses who just want another pet, another brush, another kind word. Awww. 

So -- pictures!
R and Gracie

M and Cindi

R and Diva

E and Goldie ...

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