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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Basic Amateur Plan for making a Titanic cake ...

I baked all the cakes last night -- I used 2 boxes of cake mix, one for the sheet cake and one for the boat parts (there were odds and ends, which the kids were happy to take care of for me) -- the boat parts I made from a loaf pan (rear end of the boat), a thin layer in a brownie pan (for the decks, I didn't actually use much of it, just a few slices) and two mini cupcakes for the smoke stacks. 

This is what it looked like unfrosted (one great tip I read was to cut a hole in the base cake the same size as your sinking ship, so it would have more stability)

THEN I added frosting -- boat first -- I had two tubs of frosting, one white and one chocolate -- I mixed a little of the chocolate with blue food coloring hoping to make black -- I made a gray, but hey -- it was better than brown -- that is the bottom of the ship -- I mixed the rest of the chocolate frosting with a little of the white to make a nice color for the deck floors. 

I started by doing JUST the fat part of the ship -- then put it in the fridge for a while so it could firm up -- THEN I added the decks and smoke stacks (which have some black sprinkles on them so they'd be fancier) and last mixed the rest of the white frosting with blue food coloring for the ocean. 

I added Pez for the life boats (20 exactly) and rainbow sprinkles for the people (so sad) (see Jack and Rose on the back of the boat?) -- and yellow candy dots for the lights. 

If I tried to WRITE on the boat, I knew it would look a mess -- so this is it -- the best I can do. 

Tomorrow for the party we have some sparkly candles that will hopefully look like flares -- Hopefully I'll get a good picture of that too!

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Cloudcroft said...

Thanks for posting this I found your blog when looking for a titanic cake, and used yours as my inspiration! It turned out very well. I especially like your little sprinkle people...