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Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes for Friday (Vol. 4)

1. This week we've rediscovered Pandora Radio -- so far our favorite thing to do is to listen to the 'Children's Folk Music' station. When I was employed doing the sort of thing that actually paid money instead of hugs and grimy hands ... I loaded Pandora Radio onto my work computer and found that ... most of the music was stuff I'd never heard of and didn't really like ... NOW it seems like everyone is on there! Awesome!

2. We sadly had to cancel co-op this past week, half of the kids were gutter crawling sick (not mine, but every one of the four parents who could teach the science class had sick kids!) ((plus the two that pick up the keys for our building!)) So ... I made the call and it looks like ... if you want to have a new quiz this week, you're out of luck. But if you want to try the quiz on Ethiopia again you're welcome to -- remember, there's extra credit if you remember who Cecil Rhodes was!

3. M & R have to do some math involving money. They love that -- it means I'll let them dive into a change jar that we use when we have to go through tolls -- since I'll accept actual money as a correct answer.  If it weren't already my money, this would be a much better deal. 

4. Our dog ... our dog keeps eating the cat food. She's going to make herself sick -- and she's going to spend a LOT of time in her crate, because I can't trust her and it's too cold for her to be outside! GAH! Dog. 

5. That's R with our dog, dogs are her *favorite* animal -- I think it's funny, though, that because the books in the library and the ones available for her to buy -even- are mostly about *breeds* of dogs, she's an expert at dog breeds -- and we're solidly in the *own a mutt from the shelter* group of people. 

6. The book I'm reading right now: What is the What by Dave Eggers -- I've been trying to finish it before our co-op class on the Sudan, but it's SO hard for me to read, I just get too sad ... and then distract myself with zombie games on my ipod. ::sigh:: that's kind of pathetic isn't it?

7. The seedlings I started two weeks ago are starting to poke their little heads up, I'm so excited for gardening this year!! The past three years we had a plot at our community garden, but this year we've thought of some more space that we can use in our own back yard -- it just makes weeding and watering a lot easier ... but we lose pollinators! So ... even though I seem to always kill flowers -- I'm going to plant them like mad this year in hopes that it will work. I need some veggies! This is the hardest part of winter for me. The lack of fresh local fruits and veggies. 

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